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Creative Services
Our in house Creative Services Department offers a wide range of services to our customers. With over 10 years of experience in plastic separations, our qualified staff is ready to walk with you every step of the way, from conceptual design to printed product. We have a group of specialists that will follow your job from conceptual stage until it is printed. We work very closely with Printing to ensure that your expectations are met.

Creative Design
Our Design Team is available to create unique designs specifically for the needs of our customers. Our team of qualified, imaginative and skilled Graphic Artists have designed art for major sporting events, colleges, convenient stores and restaurants around the country. The many years of experience working with offset printing adds to the quality and outcome of the finished product. The team is proud of the eye catching graphics they have designed over the years and look forward to creating an exciting design just for you.

Color Separation
We approach offset printing separations differently than most conventional ways in the printing industry. Due to the different types of plastic substrate we manufacture, we must approach color separations in such a way that allows for high color graphics to meet our customers’ expectations.

We offer a wide variety of proofing that will closely match the final printed product. This includes pdf softproofing or hardproofs produced on a laser proofer or a high end inkjet proofer. Digital color keys are available as well. Our high end inkjet proofer produces dot for dot proofs. This technology allows us to produce proofs that show true halftone dots at the same angle and linescreen used on our plates, giving us a closer representation of the final printed product.

Pre Press
Our prepress group completes several quality checks to ensure that all film and plates that are made match the final approved proof. The equipment that is utilized includes offset platemaking machines.

Technical Services
Pioneer offers a wide range of automation solutions to our customers. With over 18 years experience, we offer complete “turn key” programs for automating our packaging while increasing productivity at customers locations. Our program consist of 3 specialized divisions: We are a major supplier in the Jelly Cup industry, but cater to all manufacturing facilities.

Offset Print
The Dry Offset Printing Process provides the most efficient method for high speed, large volume printing of multi-colored line copy, half-tones and full process art on preformed plastic parts. Dry offset printing is used primarily to print on products such as tapered cups, tubs, pails, tubes, jars, lids and closures.

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